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Epicentrum Mall Mataram

Epicentrum Mall Mataram

By : Lombok Tour Guide
Mar 2020

Lombok residents in general and the tourists visiting will be more comfortable with the operation of the new mega mall in the city of Mataram. It is located in the heart of the city, in the area formerly known as the administrative center of the Office of West Lombok District. After the transfer of the administrative center of West Lombok district, the area that is one direction to the Cultural Park of NTB (West Nusa Tenggara), regent office complex was relatively quiet. However, this region is again and became even more crowded and lively with the operation of the new mega mall.

The new mega mall called Lombok Epicentrum Mall (LEM) even has one of the best cinema networks in Indonesia. This place promises convenience of shopping, plus an entertainment center that enhances vacation moment in Lombok.

Famous supermarket outlets such as Matahari Department Store and Hypermart promises the best products needed by every visitor.

The last mid Ramadhan 2015, one of the tenants in the mega mall was open and gave people the chance in Lombok to obtain the products from the best choice. Top Indonesian cinema network promises the most up-to date movies for movie goers. Complete accomodation that supports the convenience of Lombok people, also the visitors, makes every moment on holiday in Lombok becomes more complete.

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